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A Private window to the Open mind

Recently at Ohmz.net

Recently at Ohmz.net

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boogly hair
I've pretty much abandoned Live journal in favour of my actual blog so rather than cross posting everything I'm going to post a set of links to my actual blog...

Bright Future - 明るい未来 (Akarui Mirai)
FIlm Review of a Japanese film I randomly bought

Clifford Stoll 18 Minute TED Talk
Linkt to a talk by a really cool scientist

Inability to sit still.

Random musing on serendipedous stumbling and DIY narcotics

Micky Mouse + Optimus Prime = Awesome!
Transformers + Disney = Hell yeah!

Generation - Z
Film/Comic Idea + comments (Feel free add your own)

Support the blackout
Post about draconian internet laws in New Zealand

Tate modern super slide!
It's really cool go have a look!

Fansubs are funny…
A bunch of screen grabs from funny fansubs.

Eerie Japanese music video: Take it easy, Okay?
A crazilly Eerie japanese music video and more info that you wanted to know about it....
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