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I'm not as obssessive as I'd thought...

I'm not as obssessive as I'd thought...

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boogly hair
I found ths on somone elses journal... At 62 in total I'm not as obsessive as I thought apparently, thought I'd say that there was some stuff missing...

Go through the list and check off the titles you have watched. For our purposes, "watching" a title means that for TV and OVA series, you have to have seen at least one episode. For one-shots, you have to have seen the whole thing. At the end of each genre/category, add up your sub-total. At the very end, add up the sub-totals to come up with your grand total. If your grand total is 80 or over, congratulations -- you are an obsessive anime watcher!

As an extra note: not all the titles listed here are great, and some are even steaming piles of crap. Titles on the list are here because they are either 1) genuinely good, 2) insanely popular, 3) good examples of the genre, or 4) just plain notorious. Good anime obsessives should be able to watch series with any of those qualities.

I. Action and Adventure
(x) .hack//SIGN
() Airmaster
() Battle Arena Toshinden
(x) Bleach
(x) Blood+
() Burst Angel
(x) City Hunter
(x) Cowboy Bebop
() Dragonball (any)
() Flame of Recca
(x) GetBackers
() Inu Yasha
() Lupin III (any)
() Mai-HiME
(x) Naruto
() One Piece
( ) Tenjou Tenge
() Saiyuki
() Yu Yu Hakusho
Total Here: 8/20

II. Comedy and Parody
() 2x2 = Shinobuden
() Adventures of the Mini Goddesses
() All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
(x) Azumanga Daioh
() Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
() Di Gi Charat
(x) Dragon Half
(x) Excel Saga
() Fruits Basket
() Galaxy Angel
() Here is Greenwood
() Kodomo no Omocha
() Kyou Kara Maou!
() Midori Days
() Pani Poni Dash
() Project A-ko
(x) Ranma 1/2
() Tenchi Muyo
(x) Those Who Hunt Elves
() Urusei Yatsura
Total Here: 5/20

III. Drama and Miscellaneous
() Beck
() Full Moon wo Sagashite
() Gankutsuou
() Genshiken
() Glass Mask (original or new)
() Haibane Renmei
() Hitsuji no Uta
() Honey & Clover
() Kaleido Star
(X) Last Exile
() Le Portraite de Petite Cossette
() Monster
() Paradise Kiss
(X) Princess Mononoke
(X) Read or Die OVA
() Speed Grapher
() Twin Spica
() Weiss Kreuz
(X) Wings of Honneamise
() Yakitate!! Japan
Total Here: 4/20

IV. Ecchi/Mature
() Agent AIKa
() Cutey Honey
() Ebichu
() Golden Boy
(x) Grenadier
() Hand Maid May
() He Is My Master
() Iketeru Futari
() La Blue Girl
() Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose
() Mahoromatic
() Mezzo Forte
() Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
() My Dear Marie
() Najica Blitz Tactics
() Negima
() Puni Puni Poemi
(I own it but I've never seen it...) Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
() Wicked City
() Yumeria
Total Here: 1/20

V. Fantasy and Supernatural
() Angel Sanctuary
() Aquarian Age
(X) Berserk
() El Hazard
(x) Final Fantasy Unlimited
(x) Fullmetal Alchemist
(x) Howl's Moving Castle
(x) Magic Knight Rayearth
() Mushishi
(x) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
(x) Record of Lodoss War
(x) Scrapped Princess
(x) Slayers
() Tales of Eternia
(x) Trinity Blood
() Tsubasa Chronicle
(x) Vampire Hunter D
() Violinist of Hameln
(x) Vision of Escaflowne
() X: TV
Total Here: 12/20

VI. Historical and Alternate History
() Anne of Green Gables
() Basilisk
() Barefoot Gen
() Chrono Crusade
(x) Grave of the Fireflies
() Fire Tripper
() Kaidomaru
() Legend of Condor Hero
(own but not seen) Millennium Actress
() Nadia - Secret of Blue Water
(x) Ninja Scroll
() Otogizoushi
() Peacemaker Kurogane
(own but not seen) Porco Rosso
() Rose of Versailles
(x) Rurouni Kenshin
(x) Samurai 7
() Samurai Champloo
() Steel Angel Kurumi
() Victorian Romance Emma
Total Here: 4/20

VII. Kids and Family
() Angelic Layer
() Astro Boy
() Beyblade
(X) Castle in the Sky
() Detective Conan
() Digimon
() Doraemon
() Hamtaro
() Kiki's Delivery Service
(X) Kimba the White Lion
() Monster Rancher
(X) My Neighbor Totoro
(X) Pokemon
(X) Samurai Pizza Cats
() Sazae-san
() SD Gundam Force
() Sonic X
(X) Speed Racer
(X) Spirited Away
() Yu-Gi-Oh
Total Here: 7/20

VIII. Magical Girls and Boys
() Cardcaptor Sakura
(x) DNAngel
() Earth Girl Arjuna
() Erementar Gerad
() Hime-chan no Ribbon
() Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
() Magic Users Club
() Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
() Magical Stage Fancy La La
() Mahou no Star Magical Emi
() Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
() Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
() Ojamajou DoReMi
() Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo
() Pretear
() Sailor Moon
() Saint Tail
(x) Tokyo Mew Mew
() Ultra Maniac
() Wedding Peach
Total Here: 2/20

IX. Romance
() Ah! My Goddess
() Ai Yori Aoshi
() Air
() Ayashi no Ceres
() Boys Be
(x) Chobits
() Fushigi Yuugi
() Hana Yori Dango
() His and Her Circumstances
() Kimagure Orange Road
() Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
() Love Hina
() Maison Ikkoku
() Marmalade Boy
() Peach Girl
() Piano
() Please Teacher!
() SaiKano
() To Heart
() Video Girl Ai
Total Here: 1/20

X. Science-Fiction
(x) Appleseed
(x) Blue Seed
(x) Bubblegum Crisis
() Crest of the Stars
() Galaxy Express 999
(x) Gundam (any)
(x) Macross (any)
() Outlaw Star
(x) Patlabor
() Planetes
() Please Save My Earth
(x) RahXephon
() Saber Marionette (any)
(x) s-CRY-ed
() Soukyuu no Fafner
() Space Battleship Yamato
() Stellvia
(x) Transformers (any)
() Voices of a Distant Star
() Xenosaga: The Animation
Total Here: 9/20

XI. Shounen-Ai and Shoujo-Ai
() Ai no Kusabi
() Descendants of Darkness
() Earthian
() Fish in the Trap
() Galaxy Fraulin Yuna
() Gravitation
() Haru wo Daiteita
() Kannazuki no Miko
() Kizuna
() Lesson XX
() Loveless
() Maria-sama ga Miteru
() Mirage of Blaze
() Oniisama E
() Seikimatsu Darling
() Song of the Wind in the Trees
() Sukisho
() Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
() Zetsuai/Bronze
Total Here: 0/20

XII. Sports
() Ace wo Nerae
() Ashita no Joe
() Ayane's High Kick
() Baki the Grappler
() Battle Athletes
() Buzzer Beater
() Captain Tsubasa
() Eyeshield 21
() Ginban Kaleidoscope
() Hajime no Ippo
() Hikaru no Go
(x) Initial D
() Major
() Monkey Turn
() One Pound Gospel
() Prince of Tennis
() Princess Nine
() Slam Dunk
( ) Suzuka
() Wild Striker
Total Here: 1/20

XIII. Surreal and Psychological
(x) Akira
() Betterman
() Boogiepop Phantom
() Elfen Lied
(x) Gantz
(x) Ghost in the Shell (movie or TV)
(x) Hellsing
() Jigoku Shoujo
() Karas
() Madlax
() Melody of Oblivion
(x) Neon Genesis Evangelion
(x) Noir
() Paranoia Agent
(x) Perfect Blue
() Princess Tutu
() Revolutionary Girl Utena
() Serial Experiments Lain
() Texhnolyze
Total Here: 7/20
  • Surely one should not be dubbed an anime Geek for watching the likes of Akira, Tokyo Godfathers, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, or anything at all by Miyazaki, because they are awesome. Only a live-action fascist would deny it.
  • Old anime: Cowboy Bebop - This is just one of the coolest shows of all time.
    • (Anonymous)
      Yeah we've just finished watching it, I have to say we were gutted at the end...

      And the movie was good but a bit of a disappointment, I get the feeling that often when they make the movie of an anime show it's more of a cash in on the popularity than actually trying to further the series.

      Thats how I felt with the Naruto Movie and the Bleach movie and to a much lesser extent the FMA movie.
      • That last post was me by the way... damn live journal allowing annonymous comments...
      • Now, please, allow me to get straight to the meat of my comments.
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    • Yes. Yes it is, and it has an awesome soundtrack.
  • (no subject) - karlmarberry
  • It's difficult to find a person who would deny it.
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