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Facebook down :)

Facebook down :)

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I tried to log onto face book just there to procrastinate and was told that my account was unavailable due to site maintainence.

The odd thing is it said "My Account" was unavailable not that facebook is down just that my little part of facebook was not available.

I'm fairly sure i signed up for one of those a day without facebook groups and I'm fairly sure the the date of the blackout was today...

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the guys behind facebook have taken the list of the members of those black out groups and switched off thier accounts on the blackout days...

The realist in me knows that suck blackouts won't actually hurt facebook very much, as they have so many users who only log in once in a while that they wouldn't notice a slight dip on any given day.

If there was a month without facebook then that would maybe hurt them, but you'd have to get the whole facebook population on board, which would be difficult as so many people seem to rely on facebook for social interaction. Which is sad...

Oh well, I guess rather than procrastinating I should really just do some work...
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