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Confused Postings

Confused Postings

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boogly hair
I'm a bit confused about he comments that I'm getting, Somone seems to be posting comments in reply to other comments on my blog, these comments look like somone has googles a random phrase my post or in one of the comments and pasted in a phrase that occured near by it in a web page somewhere....

I suspect a bot but I have no idea why thry would want to do this. Maybe they post porn on thier profile and they want to pique my curiosity so I look at their profile?
  • (no subject) - mystic_shambo
    • The idea is that by posting to your blog they have a link to thier website/live journal. and on that website live journal page there are lots of links to spam sites.

      Search engine spiders interpret something having lots of links to it as it being relevant, so if lots of websites linke to a post it goes up the rankings in google, which means that plebs will click on links to it gainging them revenue.
  • (no subject) - mystic_shambo
    • I thought as much...

      The memory cards are mega expensive though... :(

      do you know anyone who has one? we could borrrrrrrrow?
  • afraid i have no idea, but hi! *waves*
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