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Socil networkign woes...

Socil networkign woes...

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I wish there was some framework that would allow me to normalise my social networks.

I noticed one of my friends mentioned another friend on Live journal, but because everyone on LJ has Wierd Names Like THE_IMMORTAL_SQUIRRIL and YELLOW_COFFEE or whatever I find there is no way to even look through my existing friends profile pages and find people I know who are not yet on my friends page.

I'm to be honest more interested in the way that social networks work than in actually using them, but if there was a way to consolidate all of my social networking and ensure that if I had a friend on MySpace that I was also connected to them on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, LiveJournal and linked in that would be ace.

In fact something that monitored my activity on all these social networks and said You've just added joe bob as a friend on Facebook, We've found that they also have a twitter and a Live journal account, would you like to add them there too. would be amazing, all this disparity is frustrating, I hate having to keep track of multiple social networks, I want to be able to add a friend somewhere and just be thier friend, convergence is key.

It would be nice if there was some kind of social framwork, which would allow for single connectivity, adding in peoples personal blogs as well would be nice... Open ID I'm looking at you, well I'm glancing at you becuase this isn't what you are meant to do, but something should do this...

end rant.
  • Well, I do have facebook and livejournal, but no twitter or myspace. Or was joe bob supposed to be a generic name? ;)
  • You could give over your password to your e-mail/myspace/whatever to most of the major social networking sites and they'll check for you, but I'm a bit wary of that despite all the glittery promises.
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